Data Retrieval Experts - Hard Drives & USB Memory:

We provide over 500 Calgary business's successful data recovery services each year.

iCube Development data performs fast and affordable manufacturer level data recovery services for all types of desktop hard drives, notebook hard drives, external hard drives, USB sticks, flash drives, memory cards, and optical media.

All data recovery services are performed in Calgary, our in-office lab features a federally certified STD 209E (ISO 5) and ISO 14644-1 class 100 clean room enabling us to provide advanced mechanical, electrical, and firmware repairs for data recovery services.

iCube Development continues to receive data recovery recommendations from Calgary's largest computer parts supplier, awards for business leadership, and numerous ethics nominations.

  • iCube Development recovers data on all types of hard drives, memory cards, and USB sticks that fail due to mechanical or physical damage, electrical or shock damage, firmware or service area damage, and deleted or corrupted files.
  • Our data recovery workstations allow us to recover data from small, medium, and large hard drives. We are able to recover data from complex (RAID) high capacity storage (IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS) servers (including Windows and Linux based NAS and SAN).
  • iCube Development owns and operates an in-office federally certified STD 209E (ISO 5) and ISO 14644-1 class 100 clean room. All repairs are performed in Calgary - we do not outsource.
  • iCube Development utilizes industry certified data recovery hardware (head combs, platter extraction devices, PCB electrical diagnostics systems, service area firmware programmers, high speed imaging units, etc.).

Data Rescue - What You Need To Know:

We provide licensed, bonded, and certified data recovery and computer repair services.

We understand that most of us keep priceless photos, documents, videos, and business data on our hard drives and USB memory sticks. When a hard drive or USB memory stick fails we're here to help.

Lost Data - Why Choose Us:

Not all data recovery companies are the same, get the facts.

  • Data recovery and computer repair services and performed in Calgary.
  • Evaluations are completely free (no charge) and are provided within 24 hours.
  • Our data recovery process and procedures allows for extremely fast turn-around times.
  • We allow our clients to track the real-time status of their data recovery online.
  • We stand behind a simple no data, no charge policy.
  • Our staff and equipment provide our clients a very high data recovery success rate.
  • Ask around (Better Business Bureau, Calgary computer providers, social media sites, etc.). iCube Development has not only received multiple business awards, humanitarian awards, and ethic nominations, but has established a reputation for successful, fast, and affordable data recovery service.

Real Customer Testimonials:

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very helpful; quick response; professional approach

Why Choose Us?

Find out why we should be your first choice.

BBB Accredited & Ethics Award Nominee

We are an accredited fault free member the Better Business Bureau serving both Southern Alberta and the East Kootenays.

In January of 2010, iCube Development was nominated by it's clients for a Business Ethics award.

In September of 2010, iCube Development was again nominated by it's clients for a Business Ethics award.

In January of 2011, iCube Development was nominated by it's clients for a Business Ethics award.

In January of 2012, iCube Development was nominated by it's clients for a Business Ethics award.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Award

In April of 2010, iCube Development received an entrepreneurial business leadership award.

Global Calgary News Featured

In January of 2013, iCube Development was featured professional on Global News Calgary.

Humanitarian Award

In April of 2013, iCube Development received an humanitarian award.

eForensics Magizine Published Educator

In May of 2013, iCube Development was a featured educator for the eForensics Data Recovery Magizine.

Industry Certified, Licensed & Bonded

All our technicians have at least 5 years of direct technical experience, are licensed, bonded and accredited by industry standards. We do not employ "geeks" or "self-proclaimed" technicians.

Corporate Contributions

Over 2000 hours have been invested into the iCube Development FreeTech program. This has resulted in the development of and opensouce billing system (Billwerx) and the distribution of over 20 modern computers to schools, churches, youth groups, and other individuals in need. Every December, iCube Development donates 7% of all sales to the Childrens Wish Foundation.